The Maury County Law Enforcement Explorers shall be comprised of those young men and women who meet the following standards:


  1. Must be between fourteen and twenty-one years of age and have completed the eighth grade OR be at least fifteen years of age regardless of school grade. Both males and females are encouraged to attend.
  2. Must be enrolled in school, have graduated high school, or have attained a GED. If enrolled in school, the Explorers must maintain a grade average of "C" in every class each semester.
  3. Must maintain a good moral character and be a responsible citizen in the community with a good reputation.
  4. Is of sound health and who possesses no deficiency in their physical or mental condition that would deter them from a law enforcement agency.
  5. Maintain a good appearance and demeanor in compliance with the standards and policy of this post and department.
  6. Must have full approval of parents or guardian and assurance of their support and cooperation.
  7. Must successfully pass a thorough background investigation.
  1. Must successfully pass a structured review board.
  2. Must not have been denied membership or involuntarily terminated within the past six (6) months.
  3. Willing to pay registration fees each year and monthly dues.